Southern Oregon Visual Artists - Various Genres

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Fine Artist Sue Bennett paints a variety of subjects, including homes, buildings and other architectural subjects. Visit artist Sue Bennett's website to learn more about her and the classes she teaches and see her online gallery!

Sue Bennett

Sue Bennett is a classically trained artist who paints to express beauty. "My intent is to capture the heart of the subject and I get completely caught up in it." Her paintings have been included in over 45 exhibits around the nation. She works most frequently in transparent watercolor, however she also enjoys opaque watermedia and pastel.
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Catherine Anderson

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  • Phone: 207.460.6011
  • Jacksonville
A nationally recognized master watercolorist with numerous signature memberships, Anderson also paints in acrylic and creates pet portraits in watercolor. "I paint to convey the peace and wonder I feel when I put brush to paper. During those hours, I return to the awe and awareness of nature I knew as a child. When those who observe my work enter into that magical place with me, that is when I feel my purpose is accomplished, and I am twice blessed."
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Adam Bickel

  • Phone: 541.690.6471
  • Central Point

The differences between my art and photography are night and day, like my varied interests. I’m constantly amazed by the serene beauty and magical happenings that happen in Nature. Architecture has always been an interest of mine as well. The juxtaposition of the organic with man-made is most interesting. My drawings and paintings often convey a sensual feel. I depict the beautiful nude female with a simplification of form.
Artist Sarah F. Burns is a classical realist and plein air oil painter in Ashland, Oregon. Click to visit Sarah F. Burns' website and see her online gallery of paintings!

Sarah F. Burns

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  • Classical Realism in Oil
  • Second Floor Studios
  • Ashland

The subject matter that I am interested in is representational. I strive to be thorough and accurate and yet catch what is fleeting and lively. The work I'm most proud of shows life as I see it: fatally flawed, but amazingly beautiful.
Susan DeRosa, artist, landscapes, abstract, contemporary, acrylic, watercolor, charcoal, pastels, pencil, pen and ink, abstract expressionism, impressionism,figure 
studies, gestures

Susan DeRosa

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  • Contemporary Artist
  • Phone: 949.338.0729
  • Studio: Jacksonville
My background in art education empha- sizes a strong foundation of classical art training, greatly influencing my artistic focus and direction. My intent is to capture, on paper or canvas, mysterious and thought provoking scenes. Nature with its moods and soft edges has always inspired me to draw and paint abstracts, landscapes or figure studies. My art is in private collections nationwide; I've exhibited in galleries and juried shows in S. California, NW Arkansas and S. Oregon.

Catie Faryl

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  • Phone: 541.535.1854
The artworks of Catie Faryl address the ambiguity and poignancy of the human condition. Through a study of personal, political, environmental and social issues and the world we live in, she creates watercolors, etchings and oil paintings to shed light and raise questions on difficult topics by using humor, balance, insight and grativity to explore questions both new and old. Join her journey which begins with curiosity and progresses to discoveries and dialogue with those along the way.
Artist Elaine Frenett of Jacksonville, Oregon is an award winning watercolor artist whose subjects center around nature and landscapes. She frequently paints en plein air, and teaches visual art journaling. Pictured is Gnarled Silhouette, original watercolor painting by Jacksonville artist Elaine Frenett. Click to visit Elaine's website.

Elaine Frenett

This award-winning artist, trained in illustration, has been published nationally, had fine art added to museum collections, teaches private classes and leads women’s visual journal retreats. Ms. Frenett is a member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, The Plein Air Society of Southern Oregon, California Watercolor Association, and is a Watercolor West Juried Member.
Visit The Great Metal Works by Cheryl D. Garcia website to learn more and view her online art gallery! Click here

Cheryl D. Garcia

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  • Metal Sculpture
  • The Great Metal Works
  • Phone: 541.840.6243
  • 645 E. California Street
  • in Historic Jacksonville

Metal artist Cheryl D. Garcia draws inspiration from the natural world, creating functional and fascinating sculptures for the home and garden using a variety of metals. Reclaimed steel is a favorite medium with copper, stainless steel and aluminum accents. Cheryl has made the Rogue Valley her home for 15 years.
Fine Artist Anne Brooke Hawkins is a an accomplished watercolorist in Jacksonville, Oregon whose paintings depict a range of subjects including homes, buildings and other architectural subjects. Click to visit Anne Brooke's website to learn more and see her online art gallery!

Anne Brooke Hawkins

  • Specializing in Watercolor
  • Brooke Watercolor
  • Phone: 541.899.3759
  • 500 W. Oak Street
  • Jacksonville, by appointment

A member of the Watercolor Society of Oregon, Anne's award winning watercolors have been displayed throughout the West Coast. She has taught drawing and watercolor for 15 years, helping to develop many prize-winning artists, and recently formed Art Presence, a group promoting Jacksonville visual artists.
Visit Glenn's website to learn more and see his online gallery! Click here

Glenn Hill

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  • Paintings on Silk; Acrylic Paintings
  • Mountain Glen Harps
  • Phone: 541.535.7700
  • 809 1st Street
  • Phoenix
Glenn Hill creates custom sculpted harps and multimedia installations including lasers, interactive lighting and silk painting. Also a visual artist, he paints in acrylic on canvas and board and paints/prints on silk. Look for his public art installation in Ashland, to be completed and on display in Summer 2011: 19 painted/ printed silk banners, to be hung over a mile route in Ashland, linking the Havurah with the new Buddhist Temple.

Elaine Frenett's book, Traveling Conversations,
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